What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Booking?

Are you getting ready to book your next trip? If you haven’t before, then booking online may seem like a confusing concept. Is doing the work yourself really worth it? Read on to learn the advantages and disadvantages of the practice.

Advantage: Everything You Need In One Place

One of the most annoying parts of booking a trip is trying to coordinate everything together. Getting a hotel, a rental car, and flights organised can get out of hand quickly. If there are multiple people working on booking the trip? If so, you’re bound to run into some problems.

Online booking simplifies the process. Almost every website these days allows you to book multiple components into one package. It’s so convenient to have everything in one place like this. It keeps you organised and removes a tonne of stress. Booking online also allows multiple people to work on the same account and same package. You won’t have to worry about booking a 9 am flight and having someone else booking a rental car for 9 pm the next day!

Advantage: The Ability To Compare Multiple Prices

The other hardest thing to do when booking a trip is ensuring that you’re getting the best price possible. Shopping around can take days of effort, and that’s time that no one really has in this day and age. When booking online, all of the potential prices are laid out in front of you in an easy to read format. You can pick and choose with each component of your trip to find a package that 1) fits your schedule and 2) fits your budget.

Advantage: An Easy To Understand Itinerary

If you’re someone who likes to stick to a plan, then an online booking system is perfect for you. By working on a good booking engine, you can perfect your itinerary in an easy to read (and easy to share) format. No longer will you be required to carry around a notepad and a stopwatch. Everything that you need can easily be found right on your smartphone or tablet.

Disadvantage: Losing That Personal Touch

Some people really like speaking to a live agent when booking a trip. There’s something about that personal interaction that gets them excited. If you’re one of those people, then you may find an online booking system to be a bit impersonal for your taste.

Worry not, there are many live agents who can use these booking engines with you in person at a nearby location. You still get that “personality” that makes booking a trip fun. There’s also live support chat and emails that make answering questions you have a breeze. All in all, the ease of booking online makes up for the loss of dealing with a live agent in most cases.

Disadvantage: Navigating The Booking System As A Novice

If you’re not too good with technology, then booking online can seem like a real chore. You have to figure out how the system works on top of shopping around, and for some that can just be too much. If you fall into the category of technologically illiterate, then make sure you go to a website that has a simple interface, a good “how to” guide, or live customer support that can assist you with working through the system.

Now that you know the major advantages and disadvantages of online booking, you’re better prepared to make the decision that works best for your trip. Remember, this is all about making things as easy and as comfortable for you as possible. Find the best option for your situation and get booking today!


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